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Polish for Foreigners is a course that will allow you to start speaking and thinking in Polish language in a short time. If you’ve never studied Polish language, you can start from scratch. If you want to continue learning the Polish language, we will ask you to take a short Polish grammar and vocabulary test. Then one of our teachers will have a conversation with you to assess your speaking skills.

We’d like to emphasize that at GLOSSA school, Polish for Foreigners is taught in small, international groups. Thanks to this, learning is both interesting and effective.

The aim of the Polish course is to improve effective communication in Polish by developing all the most important language skills in equal measure: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

During classes, a special emphasis is placed on improving speaking fluency and on spoken language comprehension. Important elements of the course are such activities as group work, discussions or role-playing, which give students lots of opportunities to speak in Polish.

Our Polish language courses are based on a variety of materials prepared by experienced school methodologists. They include both proven textbooks from reputable publishers – for instance the “POLISH Step by Step” series as well as well appropriately adapted materials from newspapers and magazines, radio and TV programmes. We try to use diverse language sources so that the course participants can learn Polish used in everyday situations, both private or related to work, study or leisure.

opinia o kursie języka polskiego Rosa

It really works! The idea behind the course is great - I'm increasingly drawn into the action and getting to know the characters, and at the same time it seems that I'm understanding and speaking better and better. My Polish teacher is also shocked at my progress ;-)


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