ONLINE Summer School in Polish Language and Culture

ONLINE Summer School in Polish Language and Culture
Prepare yourself for total immersion in the Polish language and culture

Do you want to spend your holiday learning and improving your Polish? Welcome to our online summer school, where intensive learning is accompanied by rich program of extra-curricular activities and a holiday atmosphere. Prepare yourself for total immersion in the Polish language and culture!

The online Summer School of Polish Language and Culture involves:

  • An intensive Polish language course in an international group.
  • Developing your skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • An emphasis on practical language use - speaking and understanding
  • Dynamic, varied and motivating lessons
  • A program of extra-curricular online activities: lectures on Polish history and culture, language and cookery workshops, Polish holidays and traditions etc.
  • The opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

PRICE from od: 190 EUR Matrícula

polski wakacyjny [10 lekcji/tydzień]
Clases/semana10×45 min/semana
Gruposmax 6 personas (medio 5)
edad16+ años
DURACION (semanas)
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curso 2 semanas
ograniczenia brak


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curso 4 semanas
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curso 6 semanas
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fechas del curso* todos niveles (principiantes incluso)

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    Szkoła języka polskiego okiem Guido Wimmer
    Guido Wimmer

    Bardzo intensywny i równocześnie przyjemny kurs, w którym w szczególny sposób dużo czasu poświęcono zagadnieniom takim jak gramatyka, wymowa itd.


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