”Poland and   me”   competition

”Poland and me” competition
Try your hand at the competition: "Poland and me!"

You're interested in Polish culture? You're learning Polish? Or maybe you're planning on starting your adventure with the Polish language? Try your hand at the competition: "Poland and me!" Write about your experiences, impressions, memories, relationships or just what Poland means to you. You have the chance to win some amazing prizes:

1st prize:

2nd prize:

3rd prize:

10 private lessons online

Special citations:

Remember: you can write your work in Polish or in English.

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Ahmed w szkole języka polskiego

Polski jest bardzo trudny, ale udało mi się go trochę nauczyć dzięki Glossie. Zajęcia były bardzo ciekawe, a nauczyciele cierpliwi i doświadczeni.


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